Jamie Kilstein interview at AtheistCon

Dave The Happy Singer and Jamie Kilstein

Dave The Happy Singer and Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein rocks hard.

One of my top highlights of the Rise of Atheism: 2010 Global Atheist Convention was getting to catch up with Jamie again. But this time, I got to interview him!

I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s comedy for a couple of years, since he was sweet enough to e-mail Sydney Atheists to plug his Sydney Comedy Store show in November 2008. So I was delighted to interview him for the Skeptic Zone podcast.

Hell, yeah.

So Jamie, Purplefae and I, all buzzing from the awesome weekend, met up for a coffee at Jamie’s hotel and chatted for nearly an hour.

The interview was easier than I’d expected. I was well aware that Jamie was an awesome interviewer himself (he co-hosts the hilarious activist podcast Citizen Radio), and I figured I’d have to have pages of insightful questions to avoid looking like a tool. In fact, I’d worried needlessly. Jamie wove every question into a hilarious, — sometimes moving — story, reeling off anecdotes and quips as though we’d rehearsed. We hadn’t.

Indeed, the interview was much longer than a typical Skeptic Zone interview. In the end, the Zone had to edit the result heavily to fit the show’s magazine format (and it’s PG rating!) Fortunately, the Zone were generous enough to let me release the entire uncut interview on the Sydney Atheists Podcast, of which I’m a host.

Check out the full Sydney Atheists Podcast interview with Jamie Kilstein. Jamie shares his thoughts on:

  • Playing at the largest ever gathering of nonbelievers
  • His personal path to atheism, via spiritual-not-religious stonerdom
  • The atheist movement and organising atheists
  • Playing in Australia with material about American politics
  • The birth and flourishing of Citizen Radio
  • Dealing with criticism of his comedy
  • His tattoos!

If you can possibly sell a kidney to get to Melbourne, check out his show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Whether you can or not, subscribe to Citizen Radio: the interviews are insightful, inspiring and hilarious.

And if you want even more fun, here are the Ten Commandments of Jamie’s Church of the Smiling Vagina, from his set at the Convention and which I would very much like to have as the reading at my wedding:

Now would anyone like to buy a kidney?


  1. Posted April 3, 2010 at 19:13 | Permalink

    I’m such a sentimentalist, that I enjoyed every minute – all the parts about his partner introducing him to atheism was just so sweet and brilliant. Thanks so much for doing this, I knew you’d do a great job of it!

    And yes, I now know (thanks to GarageBand with all the editing I had to do) exactly what Jamie’s ‘fuck’ looks like… :p In sound-waves, of course… :D

  2. James Spiller
    Posted April 3, 2010 at 19:32 | Permalink


    Oh *sigh* I’m going to have to finish listening to that clip after the kids (all ten years and under) are in bed.

    … but let me say, FWIW, only 10 seconds was required, as an entrĂ©e, for me to be taken back to that fabulous weekend and that heartfelt, impassioned and inimitable performance from Jamie. :)

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