Funniest Christian Songs 2: Jesus moves them

Thanks for the responses to my post calling out for submissions of the funniest christian songs on YouTube! In today’s exciting installment, we have a couple of move-busters extraordinaire.

Paul Eugene: giving him praise

First up, we have the energetic Paul Eugene, which his praise aerobics. He’s very happy, which I like a lot.

But Paul Eugene doesn’t even come close to theĀ  amazing, the jaw-dropping…

Rev Alecia, spinning on a chair

A classic of the genre, and a favourite of all connoisseurs of YouTube’s god-tat, Reverend Alecia appears to have draped gold fabric on an office chair and the taken some very, very good drugs. Bless ‘er.

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  1. RevDrBob
    Posted March 16, 2011 at 19:37 | Permalink

    I was watching this at work and lol’d. Next thing i know, 10 people are watching them with me!!!

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