Countdown to #Skepticamp Australia: Top tips for speakers and participants

Skepticamp Australia

With Skepticamp Sydney rapidly approaching, I thought it would be nice to gather some advice as we launch this boat together. Some of us have taken part in BarCamps and similar events, and some of us will be doing this for the very first time.

With this in mind, I’ve contacted some friends and acquaintances with experience in organising and participating in open conferences and other public-speaking events. You can find their collected wisdom on the Skepticamp Australia wiki. I reckon by taking these tips to heart, you will be well prepared to give (and enjoy) splendid presentations!

Here’s a taster:

Reed Esau
Reed Esau

Reed Esau, who launched the Skepticamp movement offers this advice for speakers:

odds are that your audience collectively knows more about
your topic than yourself, so don’t begrudgingly accept questions (as
the format requires) but actively solicit them to learn from your
fellow participants. As this risks your running out of time, move all
of your important points to the START of your talk.

Ruth Ellison

Ruth Ellison, veteran unorganiser of both BarCamp Canberra and TEDxCanberra suggests audience participants:

  • Be respectful. Go with an open mind. People are donating their time to do this presentation.
  • Be tolerant and supportive: presenters may be getting up for the first time in front of an audience and it can be a very scary experience for them.

There are plenty more tips over on the wiki page, with advice from acidlabs’ Stephen Collins, Western Sydney Freethinkers’ Alan Conradi and a bunch of others, so go check them out! If you have some pearls of wisdom, go ahead and add them: it’s a wiki and it’s there for sharing!

Want even more tips? There are plenty of bite-sized chunks of advice on the global Skepticamp wiki, for presenters and unorganisers. And for general public speaking advice, check out Toastmasters International’s public speaking tips.

And my advice? As always: have a laugh while you do it. Beyond that, I can’t say anything better than the Final Tip on the wiki:

Be awesome.

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