Immunity: a short film about vaccination

This will move you.

Immunity, by Startail Tumbler productions

Last week, Jasmine took part in a film-making marathon called Kino Kabaret, a short film festival in which film-makers are challenged to shepherd a film from idea to screen in 32 hours. ‘Immunity’, embedded above, is Jasmine’s contribution.

Kino Kabaret Sydney

The Kino Kabaret challenge event is run by Kino Sydney, one of a number of Kino groups worldwide, who exist to provide film-makers and wannabes a chance to ‘shoot first, ask questions later’. In Kino Kabaret:

Participants are equipped with all the equipment and contacts they need to make their films. Cameras, lighting kits, green screen access and editing labs will all be available for teams.

Over the 32 hours, groups work furiously to create short films that are screened at parties straight after the event!

People from all areas and experience come together to collaborate. There are no pre-requisites to take part, Kino Kabaret is open to everyone! You don’t need to arrive with a team. On day 1 of each session, a pre-production meeting is held where participants workshop their ideas and team up with others.

Immunity: a Kino Kabaret short film

Immunity is the best film I’ve seen of Jasmine’s yet: it’s simple, powerful and beautifully executed. Shots of a crying woman are alternated with common anti-vaccination canards, before ┬áthe woman is revealed to be grieving her lost baby.┬áDonna Hogan’s performance as the mother is deeply moving.

Coincidentally, I had also appeared in a short film with Donna: Punk Monk Propaganda’s You Are Not Bleeding, made in 2008. In that film, the crime of a young tagger (Donna) is placed in perspective by the brutal beating of an innocent man (me).

As if making Immunity in 32 hours wasn’t enough, Jasmine even had time left over to step in as editor for another film: Danar S. Kinantan’s Good Luck, Mr Riley.

Please share Immunity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! It’s really impressive work, made even more amazing by it’s 32-hour production time, and its message needs to be heard by everyone.

Well done, Jasmine!

Immunity, a short filme about vaccination

Immunity, a short film about vaccination


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    Fucking awesome work Jasmine – made me cry

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