Labor no longer pandering to the ACL and Nile

Gay marriage isn’t legal in Australia yet, nor will it be in the immediate future. Today is an historic day, though: the Australian Labor Party has changed its platform to support same-sex marriage. Well done.

It occurs to me that this is good news on another front though: a major party is no longer pandering to the christian vote.

Australian Christian Lobby Media Release on Gay Marriage

Of course, the faithful warriors for Jesus are up in arms. The Australian Christian Lobby has put out a barely coherent media release:

Advocates of same sex marriage in the ALP made much of the fact that the party shouldn’t be on the wrong side of history, but today in defiance of their leader Julia Gillard, they have chosen to be on the wrong side of truth.

It is the wrong side of truth where gay activism has made a lie of children’s birth certificates by directing that fathers’ names be removed in favour of two lesbians’ names.

The wrong side of truth where gay activism has made a lie of biology so even a single man can “get” a child, as if there are no natural rights of the child to a mother.

Man, someone’s stretching their wings at the moment! Yesterday the Brainy Brigadier Jim Wallace taught us all about logic, and now he’s telling us all about biology. I don’t quite know how Jimbo thinks the children of gay men are conceived.

He babbles on in similar vein for ages. It has a distinct curtain-call vibe to it. When the Downfall parody video is made it will be one of the most apt.

Fred Nile’s emission

Meanwhile, Fred Nile‘s jostling for his share of outraged column inches. Here’s the thrust of his comments:

“I thought it would happen, going by the lobbying and the penetration of the Labor Party by homosexual activists and homosexual individuals,”

I’m not kidding.

Fred Nile

Fred Nile, who has 'never seen pornography'


  1. Posted December 4, 2011 at 01:19 | Permalink

    a major party is no longer pandering to the christian vote

    I would characterise it as “slightly less pandering” while we still have the gov’t bending over to support #NSCP and the next marriage equality bill is likely to be defeated in parliament by a conscience vote.

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    Je suis tombé sur ton site internet par chance et je
    ne le regrette pas du tout !!!

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