A letter to Mik Wrotniak of Real Life Church, Kingswood

Yes. That does say 'WOGs'

Yes. That does say 'WOGs'.

Dear Mr Wrotniak,

I am writing to ask politely that you respect the very clear ‘No Junk Mail’ sign next to my mail box. The purpose of this sign is to decline unsolicited marketing material. This includes but is not limited to menus for takeaway restaurants, flyers for home-cleaning companies, and invitations to indulge in the consumption of the charred corpses of fellow mammals with members of a death cult which hopes a probably fictional (and if not long dead) Palestinian will return and absolve us of the need to make responsible use of resources such as paper.

I note from this hilarious conversation (should it be genuine) that you are, as am I, opposed to unsolicited communication. I would, however, not be inclined to address you in quite such strong terms. For example, I would not go so far as to say:

You’re probably a faggott too. Your self righteous,aggro, judgemental highhorse attitude is a characteristic of most faggs. Keep your hand off it,looser.

It’s spelled ‘loser’, above all else.

As this is the second time that I have had to contact your church regarding this matter, I am making this an open letter.

Kind regards,
Dave The Happy Singer


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  1. mik wrotniak
    Posted September 10, 2012 at 19:42 | Permalink

    I’ve just noticed your open letter to myself regarding the brochure that was placed in your letter – box. May I assure you that I have not placed it there myself. I am careful to tell people that do our letter – boxing to make sure that they DO NOT place anything in letterboxes with a “NO JUNK MAIL” sign. Despite this, invariably,someone “drops the ball” so to speak. I am sorry for the distress that our brochure has caused you and wish to inform you that I will yet again speak to our people asking them to take due care not to ignore the obvious signs. Though you and I probably disagree on just about everything – we certainly agree on respecting each other’s wishes not to be harrassed by unsolicited junk mail.Though I am not impressed by you calling my Saviour ” a dead and probably ficticious Palestinian”, and Christianity – a ” death cult”,I acknowledge your generally light – hearted tone. I wish you all the best, and most of all the joy of getting to know Jesus, the author and source of life, not death. If that’s not going to happen – I wish you many days of happy singing.

    All the best.
    Mik Wrotniak

    PS. Sorry for any possible spelling errors. I am a WOG.

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