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A unique live show of original comedy and rock and roll on vocals, piano, guitar and harmonica. I’m also a vocal skeptic, atheist, science fan, geek and RATIONAL HUMAN.

Why the AVN didn’t win against the HCCC #StopAVN

Previously, on CSI: Bangalow: AVN v HCCC: It’s the vibe BREAKING: AVN wins in AVN v HCCC Why the AVN won against the HCCC My last post covered the reasons for the Australian Vaccination Network’s victory, on the technical question of the jurisdiction of the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission in investigation two complaints against them. [...]

Why the AVN won against the HCCC #StopAVN

Read the judgment in AVN v HCCC at NSW Caselaw. This is the first of a couple of posts following up on my posts on the final day of argument in AVN v HCCC and the delivery of the decision. The judgment is very clearly written, and I encourage you to read it in full. [...]


The Australian Vaccination Network, led by Meryl Dorey, has won the case it brought against the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission. UPDATE: Please also see my followup on why the AVN won. Justice Christine Adamson found that the HCCC did not have jurisdiction to investigate the complaints made about the AVN. The reasoning for the judgement [...]

AVN v HCCC: It’s the vibe

I am not a lawyer. A couple of hours ago, I got out of the NSW supreme court, where we heard the final day of argument in AVN v HCCC. The anti-vaccination group took the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission to court, appealing the HCCC’s jurisdiction to issue its famous public warning against the Australian Vaccination [...]

A letter to Mik Wrotniak of Real Life Church, Kingswood

Dear Mr Wrotniak, I am writing to ask politely that you respect the very clear ‘No Junk Mail’ sign next to my mail box. The purpose of this sign is to decline unsolicited marketing material. This includes but is not limited to menus for takeaway restaurants, flyers for home-cleaning companies, and invitations to indulge in [...]

Carry *ALL* the News?

(I like Hyperbole and a Half)

Catholic Medical Ethics: Frequently Asked Question

This, I swear, is  the entire contents of the Catholic Medical Association‘s bioethics FAQ page: FAQs Bioethics Questions Should a Physician Prescribe Viagra to Unmarried Men? Catholic physicians are increasingly encountering requests by patients, including their unmarried male patients, for Viagra and are unsure of how to respond. This FAQ discusses how to approach this [...]

What does the Catholic Church say about aborted foetuses in vaccines?

Very little, of course, because there are no aborted foetuses in vaccines. Here’s Meryl Dorey, of the Australian Vaccination Network confirming this fact in her usual way. That is, by asserting the exact opposite: Vaccines may sometimes contain aborted human foetal tissue – a fact which some people may consider a cause for concern And [...]

Catholic Online’s Santorum headline

Catholic Online has reached a level of cluelessness about the world that I thought was unachievable: There needs to be a word for that kind of ignorance. Can I propose ‘Perry’?

Homeopathic First Aid

In case you were in any doubt about the shameful disregard for public health shown by Woodford Folk Festival. Homeopathic first aid: it’s great if you’re suffering from dehydration. Not much good for anything else. Meanwhile, Stop The AVN’s Vaccination Saves Lives banner went down pretty well. There was an article in Brisbane’s Courier Mail [...]