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The Global Atheist Convention was awesome. I don’t plan to say much about the program, because my friends Martin Pribble, Godless Business and Chrys Stevenson, as well as many others to whom they link, have done a splendid job. You should particularly read Chrys’s blog, because she called me young. And much of what I [...]

To Christopher Hitchens, from a young contrarian

Last week, my favourite recipient of cuddles asked for something to read that would sharpen her appreciation for masterful English writing. A single writer sprang immediately and irrepressibly to mind: Christopher Hitchens. Offhand, I let two books recommend themselves: the obligatory God is Not Great, the most politically and historically insightful of the Gnu Atheists’ [...]

Atheists, unicorns and the same lame Bible

From teh Twitters comes this stunning insight: Grant Vandersee LOLs when you bring up unicorns, ROFL Atheist:¬†Indulge me; let’s say I had faith in an invisible purple unicorn on mars, who shaped the world with his magical horn. Grant Vandersee, Online Christian Soldier:¬†LOL how atheists always bring up unicorns. Do u all read from the [...]