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I’m back. Deal with it.

The thing with having a blog is, you have to do keep the rhythm up. Like so many things in life, if you slip out it can be hard to get back in. So it has been for me.

World Gasps! New Favicon!

As you know, I’m clearly a man who knows his tech history. With that comes an awesome responsibility to stay ahead of the pulse, to keep my finger on the ball and my eyes on the curve. Nowhere is this more crucial as we look to the release of Web 2.1 (beta) than in the [...]

Happy New Blog!

A BLISSFULLY HAPPY NEW YEAR! … and so begins Dave The Happy Singer: The Abominable Showman’s Happy blog! This is not the world’s first blog, nor is it even my first blog. I dabbled with the idea of online, rolling Happy Singer news long before blogs were called blogs. Of course: I Did It Wrong, [...]