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Thanks for a great time, Melbourne friends!

Last week’s live double-bill at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne was fantastic. I had a thoroughly great time. I’ve written up the live recording of our funny skeptical podcast In Vino Veritas over on the VinoCast blog but I’d like to add that it was a joy to play some of my own set [...]

Dave The Happy Singer and In Vino Veritas Podcast LIVE in Melbourne!

On Tuesday, 21st June at the Clyde Hotel in Melbourne, I’m doing a very special gig: a double bill! I’ll be puttingĀ  my own mad little Dave The Happy Singer live show and a live recording of the brand new In Vino Veritas podcast, together with Jason Brown! Dave The Happy Singer LIVE The first [...]

First Australian #Skepticamp has arrived!

It’s today! Get the full event details for Skepticamp Sydney 2011, and top tips for Skepticamp presenters from my recent posts, but here’s the tl;dr: Venue: Building 2, UTS Sydney Time: 10.30 am – 6.00 pm Map to Skepticamp at Building 2, UTS, Sydney The hashtag is #Skepticamp Below is a live view of Skepticamp-related [...]

Countdown to #Skepticamp Australia: Top tips for speakers and participants

With Skepticamp Sydney rapidly approaching, I thought it would be nice to gather some advice as we launch this boat together. Some of us have taken part in BarCamps and similar events, and some of us will be doing this for the very first time. With this in mind, I’ve contacted some friends and acquaintances [...]

Countdown to #Skepticamp Australia

The very first Skepticamp Australia event is this Saturday: Skepticamp Sydney 2011! What is Skepticamp? Skepticamp is an unconference, where the attendees are also the presenters! It’s a free event (even the food is free!), and everyone who comes is invited to contribute a short presentation. It’s open, collaborative and fun! Based on the very [...]

Gigs for January!

Hi guys! I’ve got gigs to announce for the rest of January! I really, really appreciate your support, so please pop down if you can! First up is this Sunday evening, 11st January at the SongsALIVE! Showcase at the wonderful Kellys on King in Newtown! (Facebook users, please invite your friends here!) The show starts [...]