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A fair shake of the SourceBottle

Seriously, who replies to these things? [View the story "Shaking up SourceBottle" on Storify] Shaking up SourceBottle Who actually responds to this stuff? Storified by Dave The Singer · Fri, Nov 02 2012 03:32:28 No I am immutable and immortal. RT @SourceBottle: Leading women’s magazine asks: Has your body changed since being in a relationship?Dave [...]

Argumentum ad Comic Sans

It needs cataloguing as a logical fallacy: You can’t trust it; it’s written in Comic Sans MS. Of course, inductive reasoning would allow us to at least concede that the stereotype is a great time-saver in most cases.

Carry *ALL* the News?

(I like Hyperbole and a Half)

Catholic Medical Ethics: Frequently Asked Question

This, I swear, is  the entire contents of the Catholic Medical Association‘s bioethics FAQ page: FAQs Bioethics Questions Should a Physician Prescribe Viagra to Unmarried Men? Catholic physicians are increasingly encountering requests by patients, including their unmarried male patients, for Viagra and are unsure of how to respond. This FAQ discusses how to approach this [...]

Catholic Online’s Santorum headline

Catholic Online has reached a level of cluelessness about the world that I thought was unachievable: There needs to be a word for that kind of ignorance. Can I propose ‘Perry’?

I have been doing a little amateur radio astronomy…

…and I’ve captured an image of the early universe in unprecedented detail! Behold! Update: It’s a pun, you see.

Jack of Kent’s Law: The Australian Vaccination Network witch-hunt

The marvellous skepti-legal blogger David Allen Green, writing at Jack of Kent, has coined a new adage in the vein of Godwin’s Law, Poe’s Law and Skopie’s Law. Here’s how David sets out Jack of Kent’s Law: Such are the responses of the challenged bully, just as “lessons learned” and “draw a line” are the invariable [...]

William Lane Craig: The Bathrobe

I’ve noted before that I find the term ‘christian humility‘ oxymoronic: there is nothing humble about claiming a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. And almost as tediously predictable as the christian claiming to be humble is the christian calling the new atheists ‘arrogant’. But any Gnu you could name would have a [...]

Outreach Media’s Evidence for God on Toast: fixed that for you

Lots of Australian churches outsource the creation of ‘witty’ posters to an outfit called Outreach Media, who have a new zinger for us each month. They were the people who produced the horrific Christian poster with the lion on. Well, their October effort is pretty bad, too. Just a bit less horrific, and a bit [...]

Atheists, unicorns and the same lame Bible

From teh Twitters comes this stunning insight: Grant Vandersee LOLs when you bring up unicorns, ROFL Atheist: Indulge me; let’s say I had faith in an invisible purple unicorn on mars, who shaped the world with his magical horn. Grant Vandersee, Online Christian Soldier: LOL how atheists always bring up unicorns. Do u all read from the [...]