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What does Scripture Union Queensland’s branding say to you?

Because I’ve been wondering.

Asking (egg) for it

I profusely apologise to @askegg for the earlier confusion, and hope that it is all ok now. UPDATE:

Ideas I Wish I’d Had

Possibly the first in a series. Over on his bio page at In Vino Veritas, our new funny skeptical podcast, Jason Brown notes: He would like to have invented the Banana Guard, because he would have given it a better name; to wit: Banana Armour. (Copyright © Jason Brown 2001-2011) Truly, I am mates with a [...]

Skype scambaiting: The Guarantee Trust Fund Company loans me teeth

Of all the scammers who have tried to con me with their 419 scams on Skype, ‘micheal collins’ was by far one of the most unbelievably patient. Since we all benefit from a little positive feedback, my top tip for Mikey would be to learn how to spell ‘Michael’, and to choose to represent a [...]

How to stand when in space

I was just browsing Wikipedia, as one does, and my undirected meanderings brought me to the article about the plaques attached to the Pioneer spacecraft. They were intended to say a little about us should ET ever find the craft. The idea was expanded on later with the Voyager Golden Records. Here is the plaque [...]

Skype scambaiting: Prince Sabata, gold, mice and statues of naked wrestlers

They just keep coming… [12:00:30] prince222: can u receive fund? [12:02:03] Dave The Happy Singer: Hi there! [12:02:23] Dave The Happy Singer: Yes, I can receive funds, if certain local regulations are followed carefully. [12:03:08] prince222: ur name [12:04:43] Dave The Happy Singer: My name is Dave. And yours? [12:04:55] prince222: im princesabata [12:05:10] Dave [...]

Why the chicken crossed the road

Oh my, /popularinternetimageboard/ You have just blown my mind.

Skype scambaiting: Oman Jonas Gapsys and the cheese trees

[10:58:58] gapsys oman j: Attention: Sir, Investment opportunity in Your Country. I am a well-established consultant from Qatar in the sub Asian- region handling a wide range of trade and investment matters in west -African.Just recently, I was consulted and mandated by a top female client of mine to source for her A country that [...]

Skype scambaiting: Little Linda Keke and her suspense account

Since you guys seemed to enjoy my last foray into baiting 419 scammers on Skype, here’s another for you. This one was sadly over before I could explore Linda’s Little Heath. I need to learn to hold myself back. Please share and Tweet it if you like it! [11:27:15 PM] Linda: From Miss Linda Keke [...]

Skype scambaiting: Fredrickella

One of the stranger quirks of Skype is that, by default, strangers can pop up a chat window and invade your life. The three most common kinds are: Young ladies seeking marriage/visas/apparently affluent men The most boring people on the planet and, my favourite: 419 scammers These last scumbags provide no end of sport, and [...]