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Who is Louise Boat?

The charming Yorkshire playwright Alan Bennett failed the entrance exam to the school I would end up attending. As it happens, I think he had a lucky escape. But at least someone had a sense of humour when, many years later, he was invited to open the school’s new theatre. That event also took place [...]

Thanks for a great time, Melbourne friends!

Last week’s live double-bill at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne was fantastic. I had a thoroughly great time. I’ve written up the live recording of our funny skeptical podcast In Vino Veritas over on the VinoCast blog but I’d like to add that it was a joy to play some of my own set [...]

Dave The Happy Singer and In Vino Veritas Podcast LIVE in Melbourne!

On Tuesday, 21st June at the Clyde Hotel in Melbourne, I’m doing a very special gig: a double bill! I’ll be putting  my own mad little Dave The Happy Singer live show and a live recording of the brand new In Vino Veritas podcast, together with Jason Brown! Dave The Happy Singer LIVE The first [...]

Ideas I Wish I’d Had

Possibly the first in a series. Over on his bio page at In Vino Veritas, our new funny skeptical podcast, Jason Brown notes: He would like to have invented the Banana Guard, because he would have given it a better name; to wit: Banana Armour. (Copyright © Jason Brown 2001-2011) Truly, I am mates with a [...]

In Vino Veritas: the brand new comedy podcast for skeptics!

It’s finally here: the soopasekrit project that everyone knew about. Except the people who didn’t. But they should. It’s In Vino Veritas: the brand new skeptical podcast wot I did. I should probably mention at this point that I did it with the insufferable wonderful Jason Brown, the DrunkenMadman of My Colleagues Are Idiots. A [...]