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William Lane Craig: The Bathrobe

I’ve noted before that I find the term ‘christian humility‘ oxymoronic: there is nothing humble about claiming a personal relationship with the creator of the universe. And almost as tediously predictable as the christian claiming to be humble is the christian calling the new atheists ‘arrogant’. But any Gnu you could name would have a [...]

CPX: Chinese toddler, John Dickson’s Humilitas and Josephus

I’m starting to find the output of the Centre for Public Christianity more god-awful than that of the Australian Christian Lobby. CPX recently tried to exploit the sad story of the Chinese toddler Wang Yue, who died after being hit by a truck. 18 passers-by left it to someone else to deal with, which happened [...]

I found the accurate page on Conservapedia!

So… do I win a prize?

Outreach Media’s Evidence for God on Toast: fixed that for you

Lots of Australian churches outsource the creation of ‘witty’ posters to an outfit called Outreach Media, who have a new zinger for us each month. They were the people who produced the horrific Christian poster with the lion on. Well, their October effort is pretty bad, too. Just a bit less horrific, and a bit [...]

Atheists, unicorns and the same lame Bible

From teh Twitters comes this stunning insight: Grant Vandersee LOLs when you bring up unicorns, ROFL Atheist: Indulge me; let’s say I had faith in an invisible purple unicorn on mars, who shaped the world with his magical horn. Grant Vandersee, Online Christian Soldier: LOL how atheists always bring up unicorns. Do u all read from the [...]

Theology: Dust to Dust

Purplefae and I recently finished watching through Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes: it was my second time and her first. As the finale approached, I had something of a revelation… Life on Mars Life on Mars is a UK TV show in which a young detective named Sam Tyler is hit by a [...]

Look, you stupid bastards, you’ve got no gaps left!

Once upon a time, thunderstorms were not just scary and awesome, they were incomprehensible. They watered rich and fecund ground on which god memes could grow, fertilised by ignorance and fear. And grow they did. Zeus, Thor, Brontes, Jupiter, Xolotl, Set and many more were revered and feared for thunder. Nowadays, thunderstorms still inspire awe, but not [...]

Centre for Public Christianity

I’ve crossed swords with the Centre for Public Christianity before. They pay people like John Dickson to claim in mainstream newspapers that atheists are of lower value to society than good, honest christians, who are honest and tell the truth and don’t bear false witness. And stuff. Honest. The last time I blogged about CPX, [...]

St Philip’s Anglican: Punning for Jesus

Well, I was fairly close. My psychic prediction St Philip’s Anglican Church, Kingswood delivers Dave The Happy Singer: Dear my local Anglican priest: I know you’re tempted to put ‘Every day is the Father’s day’ on your shitty sign this weekend. Don’t. St Philip’s Anglican, Kingswood: The idea gift for your heavenly father is yourself. [...]

Atheists at Church part 2: What does ‘Christian’ mean?

Previously: Atheists at Church part 1: A question from a Coptic friend Imagine a healthy discussion between an atheist and a Christian. Both want to back up their case with some facts. For instance, the atheist (let’s call her Alethea) might say: Australia’s constitution forbids religious tests for any public office. You christians love to [...]