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CPX: Chinese toddler, John Dickson’s Humilitas and Josephus

I’m starting to find the output of the Centre for Public Christianity more god-awful than that of the Australian Christian Lobby. CPX recently tried to exploit the sad story of the Chinese toddler Wang Yue, who died after being hit by a truck. 18 passers-by left it to someone else to deal with, which happened [...]

#StopAVN: Meryl Dorey and Andrew Wakefield in V for Ventosity

I made this rather splendid V for Vendetta parody for the Facebook group Stop the Australian Vaccination Network, and I thought it was too nice not to also share on the blog.

Skype scambaiting: Fredrickella

One of the stranger quirks of Skype is that, by default, strangers can pop up a chat window and invade your life. The three most common kinds are: Young ladies seeking marriage/visas/apparently affluent men The most boring people on the planet and, my favourite: 419 scammers These last scumbags provide no end of sport, and [...]

Gigs for March!

HELLO THERE! I hope that you had a terrific February, as I did. Here’s a post about my forthcoming gigs for March 2009! I’ve been so busy lately, it’s come in rather late! Full listings are at the bottom of this page. Please note that all my future shows will be listed on the Upcoming [...]