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I have been doing a little amateur radio astronomy…

…and I’ve captured an image of the early universe in unprecedented detail! Behold! Update: It’s a pun, you see.

How to stand when in space

I was just browsing Wikipedia, as one does, and my undirected meanderings brought me to the article about the plaques attached to the Pioneer spacecraft. They were intended to say a little about us should ET ever find the craft. The idea was expanded on later with the Voyager Golden Records. Here is the plaque [...]

So, NASA, these arsenic things… aren’t aliens?

NASA: We’re having a press conference! If you’re interested in the search for aliens, you’re going to love this! World: NASA has found aliens! NASA: Hey, calm down. It’s not that, it’s here on Earth but it’s WAY cool. World: NASA has found a totally different kind of life, totally independent of our kind! NASA: [...]