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Judy Wilyman’s research skills

An amusing quickie. It was quickly noticed in the wake of AVN v HCCC the amazing difference between the reactions of Stop the AVN and the supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network. On the whole, Stop the AVN pored over the judgment, and consulted the lawyers within its ranks. We worked hard to understand precisely [...]

AVN v HCCC: a new public warning

The public warning issued against the Australian Vaccination Network by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission was a fantastic little corner of the web. In one page, on official notepaper it said: The AVN provides information that is solely anti-vaccination Its site contains information that is incorrect and misleading They quote selectively from research to [...]

Why the AVN didn’t win against the HCCC #StopAVN

Previously, on CSI: Bangalow: AVN v HCCC: It’s the vibe BREAKING: AVN wins in AVN v HCCC Why the AVN won against the HCCC My last post covered the reasons for the Australian Vaccination Network’s victory, on the technical question of the jurisdiction of the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission in investigation two complaints against them. [...]

Why the AVN won against the HCCC #StopAVN

Read the judgment in AVN v HCCC at NSW Caselaw. This is the first of a couple of posts following up on my posts on the final day of argument in AVN v HCCC and the delivery of the decision. The judgment is very clearly written, and I encourage you to read it in full. [...]

AVN v HCCC: It’s the vibe

I am not a lawyer. A couple of hours ago, I got out of the NSW supreme court, where we heard the final day of argument in AVN v HCCC. The anti-vaccination group took the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission to court, appealing the HCCC’s jurisdiction to issue its famous public warning against the Australian Vaccination [...]