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St Philip’s Anglican: Punning for Jesus

Well, I was fairly close. My psychic prediction St Philip’s Anglican Church, Kingswood delivers Dave The Happy Singer: Dear my local Anglican priest: I know you’re tempted to put ‘Every day is the Father’s day’ on your shitty sign this weekend. Don’t. St Philip’s Anglican, Kingswood: The idea gift for your heavenly father is yourself. [...]

Rowan Williams wants the Church of England to take on atheists

From the Telegraph comes this hilarious gem: Clergy are to be urged to be more vocal in countering the arguments put forward by a more hard-line group of atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, who have campaigned for a less tolerant attitude towards religion. A report endorsed by Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop [...]

Atheists at Church part 1: A question from a Coptic friend

The Western Sydney Freethinkers recently happened to make friends with the Apologetics Group of Archangel Michael & St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church. It happened by chance as we struck out to their church to watch comedy creationist Carl Wieland defend the historicity of the Flintstones. Though we expected his usual stand-up routine, the event turned out to [...]

What does Scripture Union Queensland’s branding say to you?

Because I’ve been wondering.

SU QLD chaplain invites John Mackay to school. Here’s what he thinks about gay people.

Scripture Union Queensland’s CEO Tim Mander went on Hope Christian radio’s breakfast show the other day and reiterated his crazy claim that the National School Chaplaincy program has widespread support. Left unchallenged by the simpering hosts he sang his now familiar refrain ‘Chaplaincy in the community is well accepted’ (to the tune of ‘Ted Haggard [...]

70 billion people Say NO To Chaplains!*

Ron Williams’s High Court Challenge to the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) seems to have gone pretty well. My friend Chrys Stevenson has been in Canberra to witness the case and has worked hard to sum up the details in a readable fashion. No easy task, but she’s done admirably. Please thank her. Meanwhile it [...]

BREAKING: Deranged lunatic takes state hostage, demands end to NSW ethics classes

Breaking news from Parliament House A madman has taken the entire state of New South Wales hostage in a dramatic siege. The elderly man, identified by government staff as Fred Nile, has reportedly refused to release government legislation unless they agree to his demands: Mr Nile had vowed to use his party’s upper house votes [...]

National School Chaplaincy Program news

Great news on the National School Chaplaincy Program: Intervening State Governments supporting the Plaintiff’s (Ron Williams) contentions that a funding agreement between the Commonwealth and Scripture Union Queensland is beyond the executive power conferred on the Commonwealth… Western Australia July 1, 2011 New South Wales July 18, 2011 Victoria July 20, 2011 South Australia July [...]

Taking John Dickson’s word for it

I quite like John Dickson. I’ve met him a few times, through his work for Jesus’s PR firm, the Centre for Public Christianity. CPX euphemistically describes its job as offering ‘a Christian perspective on contemporary life by engaging mainstream media’, but more often than not it seems to exert itself to tell atheists how dreadfully [...]

Meanwhile, over at The Christian Post…

While Brigadier (ret.) Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby acts surprised that the ‘Twitter Brigade’ objected to his racist homophobic rubbish, The Christian Post give us an insight into their online strategy: Because nothing says ‘we understand the Internets’ like plastering ‘ways to get CP‘ at the bottom of your pious and tawdry blog.