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SU QLD chaplain invites John Mackay to school. Here’s what he thinks about gay people.

Scripture Union Queensland’s CEO Tim Mander went on Hope Christian radio’s breakfast show the other day and reiterated his crazy claim that the National School Chaplaincy program has widespread support. Left unchallenged by the simpering hosts he sang his now familiar refrain ‘Chaplaincy in the community is well accepted’ (to the tune of ‘Ted Haggard [...]

There are no transitional fossils!

Over the years I’ve done a fair few bits and pieces of fun that I’ve wanted to blog about and never really got around to. So I’m going to start feeding these in, as and when they occur to me, so I can blog a bit more frequently. First up in the retrospective category, then, [...]

My New Year’s Resolution: Be A Proud Creationist

GOTTA LOVE a captive audience: Throngs at Blues Point for NYE This was the scene in the late afternoon of New Year’s Eve 2008 at Blues Point on Sydney Harbour, just one of dozens of popular vantage points around Port Jackson. The audience assembled and impatient, it was an opportunity just made to be seized [...]