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Ideas I Wish I’d Had

Possibly the first in a series. Over on his bio page at In Vino Veritas, our new funny skeptical podcast, Jason Brown notes: He would like to have invented the Banana Guard, because he would have given it a better name; to wit: Banana Armour. (Copyright © Jason Brown 2001-2011) Truly, I am mates with a [...]

In Vino Veritas: the brand new comedy podcast for skeptics!

It’s finally here: the soopasekrit project that everyone knew about. Except the people who didn’t. But they should. It’s In Vino Veritas: the brand new skeptical podcast wot I did. I should probably mention at this point that I did it with the insufferable wonderful Jason Brown, the DrunkenMadman of My Colleagues Are Idiots. A [...]

Skype scambaiting: The Guarantee Trust Fund Company loans me teeth

Of all the scammers who have tried to con me with their 419 scams on Skype, ‘micheal collins’ was by far one of the most unbelievably patient. Since we all benefit from a little positive feedback, my top tip for Mikey would be to learn how to spell ‘Michael’, and to choose to represent a [...]

Meanwhile, over at The Christian Post…

While Brigadier (ret.) Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby acts surprised that the ‘Twitter Brigade’ objected to his racist homophobic rubbish, The Christian Post give us an insight into their online strategy: Because nothing says ‘we understand the Internets’ like plastering ‘ways to get CP‘ at the bottom of your pious and tawdry blog.

Funniest Christian Songs: Easter edition

You join me, dear Reader, on the first weekend after the first full moon after some hemispheres’ vernal equinox. That’s right, it’s time to worship the pagan goddess Eostre, celebrate the pagan fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs, and above all, solemnly commemorate the Jerusalem Zombie outbreak of 33 A.D., the aftermath of which still [...]

Skype scambaiting: Prince Sabata, gold, mice and statues of naked wrestlers

They just keep coming… [12:00:30] prince222: can u receive fund? [12:02:03] Dave The Happy Singer: Hi there! [12:02:23] Dave The Happy Singer: Yes, I can receive funds, if certain local regulations are followed carefully. [12:03:08] prince222: ur name [12:04:43] Dave The Happy Singer: My name is Dave. And yours? [12:04:55] prince222: im princesabata [12:05:10] Dave [...]

Funniest Christian Songs 2: Jesus moves them

Thanks for the responses to my post calling out for submissions of the funniest christian songs on YouTube! In today’s exciting installment, we have a couple of move-busters extraordinaire. Paul Eugene: giving him praise First up, we have the energetic Paul Eugene, which his praise aerobics. He’s very happy, which I like a lot. But [...]

Why the chicken crossed the road

Oh my, /popularinternetimageboard/ You have just blown my mind.

Jesus is my Friend: The funniest Christian songs in the world ever

Surely, I thought, there is only one contender for this crown. Nothing, ever, could top Sonseed: However a challenger may have emerged in the shape of the late Cleo Clariet: I don’t think it quite grabs the flag, but it’s pretty close. What do you think? Have you seen one more awesome? Let me know [...]

If Mr Bean were Mary MacKillop…

To ease the pain of seeing your taxes spent on the promotion of a 100-year-old formerly superstitious corpse as a cure for cancer. UPDATE: Mischief managed.