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Naked for #DryJuly

Of my 23,000+ Tweets, every now and again there’s one I come to regret. Tonight, full of enthusiasm for Dry July, I may have unleashed such a Tweet. Having mentioned that my sweetheart had received a box of rather fine and colourful wigs from Minnesota, I was asked for photos of them. Sure I thought. [...]

#DryJuly: Because cancer sucks even more than no wine

I like wine. I like ale. I like single malt Scotch whisky. I don’t like cancer. In fact, I reckon cancer sucks a lot more than not having any alcohol. And with your help, I am going to do something small but important about this. I am taking part in Dry July, a month of [...]

Ideas I Wish I’d Had

Possibly the first in a series. Over on his bio page at In Vino Veritas, our new funny skeptical podcast, Jason Brown notes: He would like to have invented the Banana Guard, because he would have given it a better name; to wit: Banana Armour. (Copyright © Jason Brown 2001-2011) Truly, I am mates with a [...]