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Gloria Jean’s bragging backfires

When Peter Irvine bought Gloria Jean’s coffees he wanted to make it the ‘most loved and respected coffee company in the world’. The Hillsong elder and former Mercy Ministries head couldn’t have failed harder if he’d tried. His firm proudly has proudly funded or otherwise supported the Australian Christian Lobby, Family First, Hillsong church, Mercy [...]

Meryl Dorey, the Truth about Gardasil and those dastardly #StopAVN Twitter hackers

Yesterday there was a big ol’ tizzy in anti-vaccination camps. The deceitfully named Australian Vaccination Network’s Meryl Dorey has a Twitter account. This account had been sending dodgy Direct Messages, leading to a lot of complaints. Meryl didn’t waste any time pole-vaulting to a conclusion: Meryl Dorey, posting as the Australian Vaccination Network: It looks [...]

Who is Louise Boat?

The charming Yorkshire playwright Alan Bennett failed the entrance exam to the school I would end up attending. As it happens, I think he had a lucky escape. But at least someone had a sense of humour when, many years later, he was invited to open the school’s new theatre. That event also took place [...]

Skype scambaiting: The Guarantee Trust Fund Company loans me teeth

Of all the scammers who have tried to con me with their 419 scams on Skype, ‘micheal collins’ was by far one of the most unbelievably patient. Since we all benefit from a little positive feedback, my top tip for Mikey would be to learn how to spell ‘Michael’, and to choose to represent a [...]

Meanwhile, over at The Christian Post…

While Brigadier (ret.) Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby acts surprised that the ‘Twitter Brigade’ objected to his racist homophobic rubbish, The Christian Post give us an insight into their online strategy: Because nothing says ‘we understand the Internets’ like plastering ‘ways to get CP‘ at the bottom of your pious and tawdry blog.

Why the chicken crossed the road

Oh my, /popularinternetimageboard/ You have just blown my mind.

A lesson in critical thinking.

How to spell ‘definately’.

Gigs for March!

HELLO THERE! I hope that you had a terrific February, as I did. Here’s a post about my forthcoming gigs for March 2009! I’ve been so busy lately, it’s come in rather late! Full listings are at the bottom of this page. Please note that all my future shows will be listed on the Upcoming [...]

The Saviour has Come. And he is Very Intense.

In the beginning was the Duck. And the Duck was stupid. Then came a man called Rick Astley. He was awesome, but he wasn’t the Messiah. They asked him, are you the Messiah? And he smiled and said he wasn’t. But he said, ‘We’re no strangers to love’. And they were confused, even though they’d [...]

World Gasps! New Favicon!

As you know, I’m clearly a man who knows his tech history. With that comes an awesome responsibility to stay ahead of the pulse, to keep my finger on the ball and my eyes on the curve. Nowhere is this more crucial as we look to the release of Web 2.1 (beta) than in the [...]