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How to stand when in space

I was just browsing Wikipedia, as one does, and my undirected meanderings brought me to the article about the plaques attached to the Pioneer spacecraft. They were intended to say a little about us should ET ever find the craft. The idea was expanded on later with the Voyager Golden Records. Here is the plaque [...]

Jesus is my Friend: The funniest Christian songs in the world ever

Surely, I thought, there is only one contender for this crown. Nothing, ever, could top Sonseed: However a challenger may have emerged in the shape of the late Cleo Clariet: I don’t think it quite grabs the flag, but it’s pretty close. What do you think? Have you seen one more awesome? Let me know [...]

Mark Gormley Alert! Everybody get in here now!

No doubt because of my last post on the Very Intense Mark Gormley, Our Saviour has returned with a new music video! The video is classic Phil Thomas Katt (he is alarmed this time) and Tommy Robinetti gets in a good gag about getting phone calls from crazed Gorm fans (sorry Tommy!) The song’s pretty [...]

The Saviour has Come. And he is Very Intense.

In the beginning was the Duck. And the Duck was stupid. Then came a man called Rick Astley. He was awesome, but he wasn’t the Messiah. They asked him, are you the Messiah? And he smiled and said he wasn’t. But he said, ‘We’re no strangers to love’. And they were confused, even though they’d [...]