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Gloria Jean’s bragging backfires

When Peter Irvine bought Gloria Jean’s coffees he wanted to make it the ‘most loved and respected coffee company in the world’. The Hillsong elder and former Mercy Ministries head couldn’t have failed harder if he’d tried. His firm proudly has proudly funded or otherwise supported the Australian Christian Lobby, Family First, Hillsong church, Mercy [...]

Troy Davis/Facebook

It seems to need mentioning: If you don’t already, now might be a good time to start supporting Amnesty.

Asking (egg) for it

I profusely apologise to @askegg for the earlier confusion, and hope that it is all ok now. UPDATE:

Meanwhile, over at The Christian Post…

While Brigadier (ret.) Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby acts surprised that the ‘Twitter Brigade’ objected to his racist homophobic rubbish, The Christian Post give us an insight into their online strategy: Because nothing says ‘we understand the Internets’ like plastering ‘ways to get CP‘ at the bottom of your pious and tawdry blog.

Priceline ‘Pharmacy’ and Small World ‘Social Media Experts’ have some apologising to do

UPDATE: Power Balance Australia bust: reason wins, no thanks to Priceline Consumers have a reasonable expectation that a business branding itself as a pharmacy will offer trustworthy and effective products. Dispensing chemists are an essential part of the healthcare system, and to leverage that credibility to market nonsensical pseudoscientific scams is a betrayal of trust. [...]