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Hi guys!* Do you know the feeling, when you’ve just composed a stimulating and amorously intentioned message, and you’re selecting the recipient from your contacts? Those several milliseconds of terror when you realise you might select the wrong person? Or even worse… you might just have selected the wrong person? I get it every time. [...]

World Gasps! New Favicon!

As you know, I’m clearly a man who knows his tech history. With that comes an awesome responsibility to stay ahead of the pulse, to keep my finger on the ball and my eyes on the curve. Nowhere is this more crucial as we look to the release of Web 2.1 (beta) than in the [...]

Crikey’s First Dog On The Moon Spreads Happiness!

I’ve met some lovely people, online and offline, since I came to Australia. Party it’s because Sydney is a fantastic city. It really is. It’s so big there’s a group for you to join, whatever you’re into. People are friendly and normally behave themselves. The anti-social behaviour that now so plagues the UK is next [...]